Traditional Timber Frame Construction

Our at Heritage Fabrication is to make you and your timber frame construction project come to life. The way we achieve this is by working with your team to bring your timber frame building from initial concept to a reality. This starts off when a builder provides us drawings to establish a the initial project scope and pricing.

At the time Heritage Fabrication is awarded the project, the next step is for our designer to engage with your team to develop accurate shop drawings. Delivering the most complete and accurate drawing details is something our entire team takes pride in.

Points On Drawing Details

timber-frame-construction-drawingsSome might ask us about the level of timber frame building details they need to provide us. In reality, our timber frame construction will rely on the exact specification outlined in the final approved drawing details. This includes the actual framing, joints and timber to timber connections. As you can imaging, a simple rendering will not be enough for the correct timber frame buildings specs.

After the drawings are finished, it’s our engineers task to review and stamp for the timber frame buildings project location. You can feel confident that the engineers we team with have an amazing reputation of working in harmony with the engineer of record.

Your Choice For Timber Frame Buildings

timber-frame-buildings-done-rightSimilar to working with architects, our dedication is to be your companies timber frame builder of choice. Once your see the quality craftsmanship of our timber frame buildings and custom components, we know you’ll agree!

As a builder yourself, you may wonder who actually installs these timber frame components and buildings. Traditionally, if your project simply has front entry system or trusses, you as the builder can complete the install process. On the other hand, if your timber frame buildings incorporate onsite timber to timber connections or perhaps additional features, our timber frame construction crew will manage this. You will feel great knowing that the exact same craftsman that created the timber frame in our shop will be onsite for these installs. Please contact us with any questions you may have.